Art and Wine: Planning Your Tour


Getting together with friends or relatives from out of town during the holiday season?  A great way to show them around is to plan a day of  art gallery tours and wine tasting.  Enjoy the visual brilliance of great artists and appreciate the colors textures created by various wines on the palate.  It's a great way to enjoy the finer things in life and … [Read more...]

Dinner and movie


Good movies can be hard to find, but when you do find one that won't make you regret coming to the theater, there's nothing like a fun time out for a movie - crunching the popcorn, hearing the surround sound, seeing the scenes of the story played out upon the impactfully huge screen.  If you haven't been to a movie in a while, perhaps this weekend the … [Read more...]

Free Admission to Alexandria Museums on Museum Day

Hands on dig activity at Alexandria Archaeology Museum

One of the best things about living in Alexandria is the richness of the local history.  In downtown Alexandria, numerous museums pay tribute to the Colonial roots of the city and significance of many locations during the Revolutionary War period.  Sometimes when we live in a great place like this, though, what happens is we do not take time to enjoy these … [Read more...]

Fencing Class at Gadsby’s Tavern Museum in Alexandria

Enjoying 18th Century Fencing

On guard!   Come learn about 18th century swordplay and the art of fencing.  Not only will you discover fascinating facts about this historic swordplay, you can learn to practice the modern sport of fencing!  In this brand new class series, swordmaster Peter M Ryan teaches basic positions, preparations on the blade, parries, special movements and … [Read more...]

Alexandria Symphony Orchestra to Premiere Balakrishnan’s Force of Nature

Musician with Alexandria Symphony Orchestra

The Alexandria Symphony Orchestra season will be opening this October with the world premiere of David Balakrishnan's composition for cello and orchestra, Force of Nature.  Listen as the composer himself solos in this introduction of his work. A graduate of UCLA, Balakrishnan established a musical reputation initially as a jazz violin improvisationalist … [Read more...]