Green Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment

green and natural household cleanersThe worst part about spring cleaning isn’t the scrubbing, the dirty water, or the seemingly endless organization of your apartment. It’s the amount of harmful chemical cleaners you’re filling your home with! While they claim they work to get stains and germs out, many cleaning products are actually overkill when it comes to sprucing up your Ridgeleigh at Van Dorn Apartment.

Why do you think they recommend you wear gloves? It’s not just to avoid “dishpan hands,” it’s to lessen your exposure to the harmful chemicals in many cleaning agents you’ll find under your sink.

Don’t settle for spreading these products all over your family’s living space anymore. This green this spring and take simple eco-friendly shortcuts to cleaning up and saving the environment–whether it be the Earth’s environment or your own natural surrounding.

  • Eco-friendly cleaning products – Never underestimate the power of simple soaps and water when cleaning most surfaces, even carpets! Some of life’s simplest ingredients can make great cleaning products, so avoid strong chemicals that can be a hassle to dispose of and expensive to purchase. Did you know that lemon juice has a bleaching property and a touch of vinegar can make colors more vibrant?
  • Use less to get more done – You can clean smarter by using products that work for your less. Microfiber towels can be reused to clean dry surfaces and washed for reused on wet surfaces. Recycling a towel for dirty jobs saves you from using an abundance of paper towels on a big spill.
Visit  Shop Organic for even more eco-friendly cleaning supplies perfect for your apartment. What green habits are you hoping to pick up with your spring cleaning this year?