Dive In to Delicious Comfort Foods at Shooter McGee’s

Shooter McGee's is a terrific restaurant and tavern found near your Alexandria apartment community.  Source: Facebook

Shooter McGee's is one of those places that has become a neighborhood landmark over the years. This restaurant and tavern has been here for more than three decades, and prides itself on its Cheers-like atmosphere. In addition to their drinks, the food they serve is considered comfort food to a lot of people, with daily specials such as burgers, wings, … [Read more...]

Add New Flavor to Your Dishes with Olio Tasting Room

The Olio Tasting Room boasts an expansive selection of high-quality olive oils and balsamic vinegars (and more!).  Source: Facebook

Your apartment near specialty food stores can allow you to enjoy delicious foods and try some new things. Specialty food stores offer high quality items that can improve the flavor of any meal. You'll enjoy discovering new tastes that will delight everyone who tastes your dishes. Olio offers many great products. You'll find a vast selection of oils and … [Read more...]

Taste Worldy Flavors at the Cosmopolitan Grill

The Cosmopolitan Grill boasts some of the tastiest barbecue and sandwiches (and more!) found around your Alexandria apartment community.  Source: Facebook

Travel the world with your dinner plate. An apartment near a European restaurant gives your next meal an international flair. Take your dinner plans to 7770 Richmond Highway in Alexandria to enjoy a meal at Cosmopolitan Grill. This family owned restaurant specializes in creating international dishes with fresh, quality ingredients. Focused on … [Read more...]

3 Great Ways to Keep Your Indoor Only Cat Happy

Here are some pet-care tips for all the cat-owners here at your pet-friendly Alexandria apartment community. Source: morgueFile

A lot of people think that for a cat to be happy, he needs to be outside. While cats enjoy the outdoors, in most neighborhoods, they're at significant risk of injury or death from traffic, illness, and other animals. The Humane Society has a few tips to keep your cat happy and safe indoors: Do you know where those paws have been? Keep your cat's litter … [Read more...]

2 Great Ideas for Organizing Your Walk-In Closet

Here are a couple of handy tips to help you organize the expansive walk-in closet at your Alexandria apartment.  Source: FreeDigitalPhotos

Do you love your apartment with a walk-in closet, but dislike how easily it can become disorganized and difficult to find things?┬áThe larger the space, the more things can become lost in it. Here are a couple of tips to help you organize your closet: Keep your shoes organized. Many of us have quite a few pairs, and no one wants to try to find a matched … [Read more...]